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Drug Manufacturer Warned of Safety Violations

When people think of drug crimes, they usually evoke visions of people dealing illegal narcotics. Yet there is another type of drug crime that is not as commonly publicized and that is the crime of producing over-the-counter pharmaceuticals but not following the proper protocol. A Fort-Worth based company called Sovereign pharmaceuticals was recently contact by the United States Food and Drug Administration after the drugs that they were using were not recognized as safe and effective for their labeled uses.

The FDA cited several cold medicines that sovereign has manufactured and said that they are all missing important warning information. For example, some of the medications should include disclaimers that say that the medicines should only be used under certain conditions. The disclaimer on these medications is that they should not be taken unless directed by a doctor and never in dosages that are contrary to what the doctor desired. Allegedly, the Sovereign Pharmaceuticals Company also violated laws regarding the manufacturing process and did not mix their drugs properly to ensure that that they are uniform. The company may be prosecuted if they continue to disband protocol and make their drugs in a dangerous and unethical way.

The FDA says that they have sent warning letters to Sovereign at least twice for marketing unapproved drugs and for manufacturing failures. The officers are near Capellon’s in the Fort Worth business district and the FDA records identify that the chairman and president of the company are partially to blame. If you have violated protect, then you should make efforts to correct your behavior before the threat of prosecution becomes prevalent. If you want more information about safety and the protocol for manufacturing drugs, talk to a lawyer at the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC. Manufacturing legal drugs in an illegal manner can still be a significant crime, so you should make sure to seek assistance from a Dallas drug defense lawyer if you believe that your case may take you to court.