Law Enforcement Officers Unite for the Great Texas Warrant Round Up

Law Enforcement Officers Unite for the Great Texas Warrant Round Up

In Houston on February 15th, law enforcement officers announced that they would be performing an event called the 2013 Great Texas Warrant Round-Up. According to the Cypress Creek Mirror, law enforcement workers from the City of Houston’s Municipal Courts Department and the Houston Police Department will be only a few of the many agencies which will come together to search for all individuals who have outstanding warrants. The event will begin on Saturday, March 2, 2013. The law enforcement will use every method available to look for offenders who are somewhere thing the state.

The City of Houston Municipal Courts Department says that they have thousands of active warrants that they are seeking to clear at present. Because of this, the courts are suggesting that defendants take advantage of the options that are currently being extended to them to resolve outstanding warrants. If you are in hiding, revealing yourself may become a benefit to you as your receive a lighter sentence so that the courts can cross your name off of their unanswered warrants list. There is no amnesty being extended during the Warrant Round-Up effort, but there are certainly some benefits that you may want to explore. If you have committed any crime and are still in hiding, consider turning yourself in with a criminal defense lawyer beside you.

That way, you can negotiate for better terms for your sentencing and may even be able to avoid charges that you would have to handle in any other circumstances. A presiding judge in Texas says that the courts maybe an announcement last month that those with delinquent citations should take advantage of the state Amnesty Program to resolve cases. Authorities have warned those that at currently facing arrest that they can arrest them anywhere including at their homes, schools, or workplaces. There will be a special task force which will also arrest men and women who have outstanding warrants through the license plate recognition program. If you need more information about this warrant round-up or want an attorney on your side as the police come out to find those who have committed an offense, then you need to talk to a lawyer at the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC today!

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