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Texas Lawmakers Handle Synthetic Drug Laws

Synthetic drugs are strong narcotics that can make users violent, dangerous, or incapacitated in a matter of minutes. In the state of Texas, it is illegal to buy or sell synthetic drugs. Unfortunately, the substances aren’t too hard to cook up, and for some teens it is easy to head to the nearest convenience store and gather the ingredients necessary to cook up a powerful, synthetic drug. Prosecutors have discovered that it is almost impossible to go after the manufacturers, buyers, and sellers of the products because the legislators are not chemists. There are no provisions in the Texas state laws which talk about manufacturing synthetic drugs like bath salts, Kush, K-2, and 251.

Texas operates by the Texas Controlled Substances Act, which identified all existing synthetic drugs at the time and demanded that they were not allowed to be manufactured or sold. However, chemists bent on still manufacturing the drugs simply started using new compounds and creative new, powerful drugs that can be just as affected. The legislators are not considering redefining synthetic drugs and listing the harmful ingredients that go into making these dangerous substances so that the courts can better prosecute in these cases.

Courts throughout the state of Texas are currently trying to determine whether or not to add to the Texas Controlled Substances Act and what specifications they should add in order to encompass the issue of synthetic drug use most adequately. If you are arrested for synthetic drug use, or if you are charged with a crime for manufacturing these synthetic drugs, you may be able to challenge your charges y arguing that they are not listed in the Texas Controlled Substances Act. Hire a Texas drug defense lawyer today if you want more information about this endeavor.