Do you Qualify for SSDI Priority Treatment?

Do you Qualify for SSDI Priority Treatment?

Are applying for Social Security Disability Insurance? If so, you may qualify for priority treatment if your ailment is listed in the 200 serious health conditions that receive Compassionate Allowances. These Compassionate Allowances are a part of a fast-track program that is only for those who have serious disabilities and need financial aid immediately. Those who qualify will receive their first SSDI checks within days instead of having to wait months or years. The Compassionate Allowance list mostly regards cancer patients and those with brain disorders. Also listed are rare and damaging disorders that affect children.

All conditions that are Compassionate Allowance qualified are so severe that Social Security does not need to develop the applicant’s work history profile in order to make a decision on whether or not the victim qualifies. Instead of starting in on a length process, the Social Security Administration will allow these people to receive social security automatically. Unfortunately, even those who are on the expedited program due to a serious health condition will not receive Medicare for about a year after application. They can use COBRA in the meantime if they can afford it.

Those that can’t afford COBRA or reach their 18 month limit on COBRA can take advantage of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act if they need to. This is an act which declares that people who have had health insurance without a break must be provided one or two different coverage choices by every health insurance companies. Unfortunately, insurance companies are permitted to charge these people high premiums in order to accesses services.

Though insurance can be complicated, the expedited program for those that are in the most need may be extremely helpful. If you are in the process of seeking SSDI and you are on this list, make sure to point this out in your application. If you are rejected from SSDI for some reason, then you need to hire a hardworking and aggressive Social Security Disability attorney from the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC to come alongside you and advocate on your behalf.