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Police Arrest Texas Deputy for DWI, Use Stun Gun to Subdue Her

On January 3rd, 2013 a Bexar County Sheriff's Deputy was arrested after she was involved in a DWI-related accident. According to reports, San Antonio police officers responded to a single-vehicle accident Thursday night that involved sheriff's deputy Susanna Cervantes. When police attempted to extract Cervantes from her vehicle she became combatant and then attempted to grab for something from the middle console. Police were forced to use their stun guns twice in order to subdue her and gain her compliance. Due to the accident, resultant struggle, and the fact that Cervantes was allegedly driving while under the influence, she was arrested and charged with DWI, assault on a public servant causing bodily injury, and retaliation. At the time of the incident, Cervantes was on unpaid leave from the Sheriff's Office due to an earlier, unrelated arrest.

If you are arrested for DWI in Texas, there are numerous factors which will determine the charges and penalties you may face. Whether or not it is your first DWI offense or a multiple DWI, whether you refused to take a breath or blood test, or whether your drunk driving caused an accident with serious injuries or a death, all of these factors will be used by the prosecution to solidify the case against you. You are not alone when facing DWI charges, however. When you contact an experienced Plano DWI attorney from our firm, you will be also be getting a former prosecutor on your side who will help you understand the charges against you and work with you closely to build a strong, effective defense. Working with a former prosecutor affords a unique insight into how the prosecution will present the case against you and thus allows us to anticipate their moves and come up with an aggressive strategy on your behalf.

Getting arrested or charged with DWI can be a frightening experience. Contact Attorney Jason Zendeh Del at Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC today to find out how we can help.