Texas Laws Affecting Teens

Texas Laws Affecting Teens

There are a host of laws in Texas that are not commonly belabored or posted for people to read. Still, men and women, particularly teens, who disobey these statutes can be prosecuted for their crimes. First of all, youth who practice sexting, or texting sexually explicit pictures or messages to their friends, can be charged with a misdemeanor.

The crime can even come with jail time in some situations. Underage sexters may be forced to take a state-sponsored class about the dangers of sexting with an adult if the conditions apply. As well, sexters may have a mark placed on their record which can be removed when they turn 18. This misdemeanor can also come with mandatory community service or fines.

Another law that affects teens deals with teenager sex. Anyone who is 15 years or older and has consensual sex with a person that is over 4 years their senior may have to register as a sex offender as a part of their punishment. They may also need to pay fines, attend juvenile hall, or serve jail time for this offense. While these laws are not commonly talked about, they are certainly enforced. If you are a teen who has been caught committing a sexual misdemeanor, or you are the parent of a teen who has been accused of a juvenile crime, then you have the right to a lawyer.

Because sexual crimes are committed in private, they are often difficult to prove. You will want a hardworking and dedicated lawyer on your side to advocate for you or your child in court in order to avoid a serious crime. Talk to a Plano criminal defense lawyer at the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC today if you need more information about these crimes or about defense!