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Can Drug Use Get you Evicted?

If you are a renter in the Plano area, you will want to be careful about drug use in your unit. Substance abuse is illegal, and if you are arrested for drug use you may suffer punishments both from the court and from outside parties. One of the additional punishments for substance abuse is eviction. Some landlords have the right to evict any tenants that are arrested and convicted of using illegal drugs on the property. Any members of a resident's household, a guest, or another person under the resident's control are not allowed to engage in any criminal activity, including drug crimes. This is in accordance with Texas laws which are honored in the courts.

Not all drugs can result in eviction. Normally, tenants charged with prescription drug abuse will not be evicted from their premises. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that legal substance can be just as addictive as illegal substances can, and the Texas Penal Code does have statutes for those that are caught overdosing or abusing prescription medications. In order to evict a tenant for drug use, the landlord will need to call law enforcement.

After the tenant is arrested, the landlord has the right to serve a notice to vacate. The notice must be in writing and delivered by a witness or through certified mail. The landlord will also need to attend court and bring evidence showing that the drug abuse was legitimate. The tenant can argue back if he or she has been misrepresented or if he or she has a disability and believes that the landlord is being discriminatory. If you want more information about evictions due to drug abuse or about drug crime, then a Plano drug defense lawyer can assist you. Talk to someone near you today for more information!