Leaky Gut Syndrome and SSDI

Leaky Gut Syndrome and SSDI

If you suffer from leaky gut syndrome, you may wonder if this is a legitimate reason to apply for SSDI. According to New York Injury News, this syndrome can cause pain, diarrhea, cramps, gas, an intolerance of certain foods, and other issues. Leaky gut syndrome can alter a person's lifestyle and make cause them to have a delicate health condition.

Unfortunately, it is not normally honored as a legitimate reason for SSDI if it is listed as your sole disability. If you can show that you have other injuries or illnesses as well that further complicate your ability to carry out your work, then you may have a better chance of receiving the benefits that you want.

The Social Security Administration requires that all applicants meet certain requirements so that they can be approved for benefits for a chronic health condition. Most of the time, if a person has leaky gut syndrome and another gastrointestinal issue, this is enough to qualify for benefits. For example, if you suffered from leaky gut syndrome and Crohn's disease, or irritable bowel syndrome, then you may be able to receive benefits.

Also, if you can prove that you also suffer from an autoimmune disorder to suffer from anxiety, then there are often legitimate concerns that can lead to qualification. If you have leaky gut syndrome and want to explore your options for benefits, then you will need to talk to an attorney at our Plano social security disability firm promptly.

The lawyers at the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC are willing to assist you as your pursue government benefits because of your inability to complete a job. We want to help the Texans in need of financial assistance, and will work hard to show the SSA why you deserve the benefits that you applied for!