Police Bust Plano Prostitution Ring

Police Bust Plano Prostitution Ring

Underground and undercover prostitution rings are all over the United States, and some have even been discovered in the Plano area in the past. A recent report by the Plano Star shows that officials from the FBI, Police Department, and other agencies broke up a sophisticated prostitution ring last month that had locations in Plano, Hurst, and Dallas.

The ring was operated out of massage parlors and at least one private residency. Allegedly the police and FBI have been working to dismantle this prostitution ring for years. The women involved in the ring had been brought in from different states, and were concealed.

Two police officers were bribed to conceal the prostitution, but only pretended to be corrupt while they helped the police officers to locate all of the different locations where the prostitution was taking place. The investigation started when Plano residents reported that there was suspicious activity occurring at several massage parlors in the area.

Search warrants were served at four Plano businesses and one Plano home. Another search warrant was issued for an apartment complex in the area. All massage parlors out of these areas have since been closed. The police say that they are making a constant effort to end prostitution and have been working hard to end all rings that they locate in the area.

Police say that they don't think that massage parlors in the area all act as prostitution houses. Many times advertisements for prostitution services are posted on covert websites. If you want more information about prostitution rings or if you have been arrested in association with a ring like this one and need a lawyer on your side, you can discuss your charges with an attorney at the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC. These Plano criminal defense attorneys are dedicated to seeking justice on behalf of those who are falsely accused of crimes that they did not commit.