Prescriptions Count Too in Drugged Driving DUIs

Prescriptions Count Too in Drugged Driving DUIs

In the state of Texas, drugged driving is taken very seriously. Normally, when we think of drugged driving we think of the crime of smoking marijuana or shooting heroin and then getting behind the wheel but the fact is, the police also believe that it is illegal to drive while under the influence of a drug that you legally received as a medical prescription. Many doctors will prescribe strong narcotic painkillers for patients after a surgery or due to a condition. While these medications may effectively lower the pain level of a patient, they can also result in a DUI arrest.

This is because individuals can still become intoxicated or have a difficult time driving when they are under the influence of a narcotic painkiller. If a driver takes antidepressants, these can result in impairment. As a result, they are considered illegal drugs when driving. Also, those who are on valium can be arrested for a DUI if they have more than 10 mg of the drug in their system. According to reports 10 mg of Valium will register a BAC level of about 0.10%, which is already over the legal limit.

Also, antihistamines can impair coordination, so they are considered dangerous and illegal when a driver is out on the road. Drivers also shouldn't take decongestants and drive. Over-the-counter decongestants can cause drowsiness, anxiety and dizziness. Sleeping pills can also have residual effects that can last for hours, which is why motorists should never drive after they have used one. Another common pain reliever called hydrocodone is also considered illegal to drive with.

Hydrocodone is a main component of Vicodin and can cause severe impairment and drowsiness. If you wre unaware that the drug that you were taking would have such severe symptoms, then you may need to contact an attorney immediately for representation. With the right Plano drug defense attorney on your side you may be able to prove that you are innocent of your alleged crime.