What Exactly is Drug Paraphernalia?

What Exactly is Drug Paraphernalia?

Paraphernalia is a broad term, which could mean a host of different things. If you are charged with possession of drug paraphernalia that typically means that you had drug-related materials in your possession. For example, if you had the ingredients to make illegal narcotics, or if you had the items needed to store a particular drug, this can be called drug paraphernalia. As well, if you have the goods needed to consume illicit drugs, such as needles or containers this can be considered drug paraphernalia.

Paraphernalia can take on many different forms, and sometimes paraphernalia even looks like common household. This means that individuals can be arrested for possession even though the items in their possession weren't for drug use. Most of the time, envelopes, paper bags, plastic bags, cigarette packs, pill bottles, make-up kits, soda cans, and even film canisters can be used as containers for drugs or drug materials.

Also, police consider playing cards, rolled up dollar bills razors, and mirrors to be drug-making items. As was mentioned before, these are all somewhat normal items that can be found in homes all throughout the state of Texas. If you are arrested because these items are discovered in your home, it may be a massive misconception.

This is why you will want a Plano drug defense attorney on your side throughout the process. With the right lawyer on your side, you will be able to prove why you have been mis-accused and the real reason that you had these containers was completely non-drug related. Sometimes situations aren't what they appear to be, and the law enforcement and prosecution may naturally assume the worst. Hire a Plano drug defense lawyer today if you want more information and want to defend yourself against drug paraphernalia accusations.