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Divorce Laws and Abandonment in Texas

If you are abandoned by a spouse in the state of Texas, then you can go through an at-fault divorce and may be able to receive alimony or spousal support as compensation for your suffering. According to the Texas laws, an aggrieved spouse will need to show that the other spouse left the marital home with the intent to not return or that the spouse left and has been gone for at least one year with no obvious contact in order to file for a fault divorce based on abandonment.

Many people undergo divorces on "no fault" grounds, but "at-fault" divorces give the aggrieved spouse the opportunity to collect certain financial payments. Also, courts tend to favor an aggrieved spouse when it comes to child custody, spousal support, property division, or any of the other decisions that must be made in a Texas divorce case. In at-fault divorce, the spouse who is being accused has the right to counterclaim on another faulty ground. Yet when the court considered divorce issues like child support and child custody, they will normally rule out the at-fault spouse as an ideal parent for the children.

If you have been abandoned for over one year then you should seriously consider filing for divorce on these grounds. You will want an attorney there to help you as you work through these claims and attempt to seek compensation for the suffering that you have endured. With a Plano divorce lawyer from the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC on your side, you have a better chance of getting the sound, financially beneficial divorce that you desire. You can start anew and leave behind a difficult life with an uncaring spouse. Every situation is different, so make sure that you have a Texas lawyer there with you to make sure that your situation applies and complies with the Texas abandonment laws.