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Father's Rights on Father's Day

If you are a father that has partial custody, shared custody, or visitation rights with your children after a divorce, you will want to make sure that you use those rights on Father's Day. As a parent, you naturally want your children with you on this holiday. If your custody schedule does not allow you to have the children on Father's Day, then you may be able to re-organize your custody schedule to allow for the day. Some ex-spouses may be flexible and allow you to have the children without much fuss.

Yet other spouses may be strict with the schedule. In this case, you may still have the right to care for your children on Father's Day. Unfortunately, you will need to go to court with this issue if your ex-spouse continues to fight against you. You can contact a family law attorney and address the Father's Day concern by a motion of the court. You can also ask an attorney to write a letter to the court which can be reviewed and ask a judge to grant you custody of the children on this special holiday.

If needed, fathers can often get a court order that permits them to have the kids on their special day. Whenever you are dealing with a special situation like a Father's Day custody dispute, it is best to get a local lawyer involved. A Plano divorce attorney at the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC can help you to organize your thoughts and create a legitimate argument which may be honored by the courts. Hire a lawyer today for more information about Father's Day custody. You will want to get started immediately if you want to resolve this issue, as Father's Day is only a few days away!