Marijuana Seizures in Texas

Marijuana Seizures in Texas

The Texas Department of Public Safety tries to keep records of the drug seizures in the state in order to help improve the safety of the locals and to encourage law enforcement to improve in areas while showing them their progress in others. Among the many different files of information about drug crimes in Texas, the Texas Department of Public Safety keeps records of the drug seizures that take place in the state. A drug seizure is a collection of illegal narcotics that were taken from suspects in Texas by law enforcement officers.

The most recent complete data on drug seizures in the state of Texas is from 2011. This year, police were able to collect 842,987 pounds and 5 ounces of marijuana. The police also collected marijuana growing in 535 marijuana gardens throughout the state and located 31 wild marijuana fields. There were 25 cultivated marijuana fields that were discovered and as many as 481 marijuana greenhouses that were seized and shut down. In total, police believe that 37,067 marijuana plants were gathered and destroyed by the law enforcement.

Also, the police were able to collect about 122 pounds of hashish, another cannabinoid that is illegal in the state of Texas. Marijuana is not allowed for recreational use in Texas, and this drug is illegal in all of its forms unless it is being used for a legal, medical condition and is prescribed by a physician and issued through a medical marijuana pharmacy.

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