Osteoarthritis and SSDI Applicants

Osteoarthritis and SSDI Applicants

If you are suffering from osteoarthritis, then you may be eligible for SSDI benefits. Normally, osteoarthritis causes severe joint pain and stiffness that can be limiting when it comes to performing certain jobs. Often those with osteoarthritis cannot do manual labor, and may even have a hard time typing on keyboard. If your condition has hindered your ability to work, then you will want to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance.

Osteoarthritis can even affect a person's ability to sit, stand, or walk in some cases. If your condition is severe like this, then you will want to make sure you apply for SSDI promptly. Normally, the SSA evaluates SSDI claims by looking at the severity of the illness and the area that is most affected. The SSA also has a standard for back or joint problems, and uses these qualifications to decide whether or not an applicant has sufficient medical disability to receive the benefits.

Oftentimes if a person has osteoarthritis in the spine, the condition is considered very severe and may result in SSDI benefits. Those who have experience with secretarial jobs or jobs involving typing and receive arthritis of the hands can also be eligible for the benefits. Sometimes, individuals also receive osteoarthritic pain in their knees, which can be debilitating if they are trained to perform manual labor or jobs that involve standing for long periods of time.

The SSA outlines the specific criteria for a back or joint evaluation. Many times, they are looking for reduced functional capacity that will determine whether their condition leaves them capable of performing any work tasks. Whenever you need to negotiate with the SSA, you will want a professional on your side. Hire a lawyer at the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC to help you shows that you mean business and that you are dedicated to working hard to get the money you deserve. Hire a SSDI lawyer today to get started filing your osteoarthritis SSDI application!