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Check on the Status of your Disability Claim

If you are currently waiting to hear back from the Social Security Administration regarding a disability claim, then you may be curious as to the status of that claim at present. Once you submit your claim with the local Disability Determination Services office, you will want to check on the status of the paperwork to make sure that your case is not being neglected. There are a variety of ways to check on the status if your claim, but the best way may be to call the office toll-free.

You can also call the Disability Determination Services office that is located in your state. When you call this office, you can typically speak with a representative who will tell you your status and whether or not any documents are missing. Oftentimes the SSA is so overwhelmed that they will simply neglect any claims that are missing information or paperwork. This can be devastating if you are relying on approval in order to make ends meet in your house financially.

By calling the Disability Determination Services office on a regular basis, you can keep the workers’ accountable and make sure that they are doing their job regarding your case. When you call, you will want to state your name and the case number of the disability claim that you filed. Ask whether or not the case is being reviewed and whether it has been approved or denied. If the case is pending, then you may want to speak to the DDS officer that will review your case. Contact an attorney today if you want more information. At the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC, you can secure a reliable and helpful SSDI attorney to help you if your case is not being heard or if you were rejected for SSDI. Contact a lawyer today for more information!