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Texas Senate Backs Bill Concerning Psychotropic Drugs and Foster Kids
Texas Senate Backs Bill Concerning Psychotropic Drugs and Foster Kids

Lawmakers in both the Senate and the House support a bill that would require the guardians of all foster children to take caution before allowing them to take psychotropic drugs. The Senate says that the informed consent measure could become very helpful and beneficial to ...

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Blog posts in May, 2013

  • Burn Injuries and SSDI Applications

    Burn injuries can be extremely serious. If you suffered a third-degree burn, you may be in the hospital for weeks or months during recovery, and may ...

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  • Texas House Approves Pro-Gun Laws

    At present, the federal government is looking into current gun laws and looking for areas that need improvement in order to further enhance the safety ...

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  • SSDI and Amputations

    The Social Security Administration has a list of criteria for amputations. If you lost a limb and your injury meets these standards, then you may be ...

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  • Man Receives 20-year Prison Sentence for Robbing Mall

    A Dallas man was sentenced to 20 years of incarceration after robbing a victim at the Plano mall. The suspect was allegedly armed at the time of the ...

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  • Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and SSDI Eligibility

    Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is a chronic medical condition that range from mild to disabling. Victims of MCS blame their condition on a ...

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  • Criminal Defense in Pyramid Schemes

    In Texas, it is against the law to form a pyramid scheme. This is a type of investment fraud that is carried out over a digital medium such as an ...

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  • Can the Police Search Through your Trash for Evidence of Drug Use?

    If you are suspected of a drug crime, the police legally have the right to search through your trash for evidence. Currently, the U.S. laws declared ...

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  • Man Gets Probation for Hiding Camera in Changing Room

    Changing rooms are places for individuals to have their privacy while they change into different outfits. Yet one man in Plano, Texas decided to use ...

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