Burn Injuries and SSDI Applications

Burn Injuries and SSDI Applications

Burn injuries can be extremely serious. If you suffered a third-degree burn, you may be in the hospital for weeks or months during recovery, and may even require skin grafts to cover charred areas of your body. Sometimes, individuals who have long-standing burn injuries with lengthy recovery times are able to receive SSDI while they are in recovery mode.

According to the New York Injury News, your eligibility will be contingent on the extent of the burn and whether there is major scarring or serious infection associated with the wound. These injuries can have a long-term emotional effect on the victim if there is scarring involved, so it is important ot keep this in mind as well.

Third degree burns often do more than just damage the skin. They can burn underlying nerves, causing severe nerve damage to a victim. Also, individuals can suffer infections because of the exposed area. These infections can spread to the bloodstream, cause organ damage, or result in destroyed muscle tissue.

Most often, patients that have third-degree burns that involve scarring and needed surgery can be in the hospital or out-of-work for up to a year. This means that they may be able to receive SSDI. Like any other disabled individual, burn victims are required to apply for SSDI. Burns that are being treated and those that are not being treated are both covered by the listing in the Social Security Administration archives.

If you want more information about SSDI applications for burn injuries, or if you were rejected after applying for SSDI, then you need to hire a Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC attorney to assist you. The SSDI lawyers at this firm will take on your case and argue for your right to the payments that you need to maintain your standard of living.