Man Gets Probation for Hiding Camera in Changing Room

Man Gets Probation for Hiding Camera in Changing Room

Changing rooms are places for individuals to have their privacy while they change into different outfits. Yet one man in Plano, Texas decided to use the privacy of the changing room for his own personal benefit. He installed a hidden camera at the Oak Point Recreation Center changing room so he could record people undressing and then watch the footage back later. After being discovered, the individual with the initials C.F. was arrested. He pleaded guilty to the charges of improper photography or video recording. He will pay the courts a $500 fine and will also need to serve probation for five years because of his actions.

The criminal incident took place back in 2011 when C.F. designed a camera that looked like an air freshener. Workers at the recreational center discovered the camera only about one-hour after it was planted. Images on the camera showed a man who had planted the device in the room. These images were released to the public, and shortly thereafter, C.F. turned himself in and admitted his guilt.

Crimes like this one often come with difficult punishments. Individuals who film children will most likely be registered sex offenders, which can affect their ability to get a job, apply for financial assistance, and more. Sex offenders are not allowed near schools or other locations where large amounts of children are present. If you have been charged of a crime like C.F. involving indecent photography or visual recording, then you need a Plano criminal defense lawyer on your side.

Without an attorney, you may not be able to reduce your charges. Also, you will want an advocate if you are being blamed for a crime that you didn't commit. For example, maybe you were accused of planting hidden camera but were completely unaware that the item you moved into a changing room had a camera inside. A lawyer at the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC can help you so don't hesitate to contact the firm!