Texas House Approves Pro-Gun Laws

Texas House Approves Pro-Gun Laws

At present, the federal government is looking into current gun laws and looking for areas that need improvement in order to further enhance the safety of Americans all throughout the nation. Lawmakers in Texas are doing the same on a state level, but the Texans are pro-gun and often saw their legislation in that direction. Recently, the Texas House of Representatives passed a bundle of new gun bills. In total, there are 12 bills that were reviewed and passed. The new laws would allow teachers and students to bring guns to class for self-defense in certain circumstances.

The bills were approved without much debate, though three additional gun bills were struck down. One of the rejected bills suggested that individuals be permitted to use their concealed weapon carrying license as a valid form of identification. The bills that were approved include a measure that allows college students over 21 to carry weapons into the classroom. Texas lawmakers have supported this bill for years, and the option was actually introduced back in 2011, thought it was rejected during its first review.

Lawmakers in the House also approved measures which would allow employees to bring concealed weapons onto school campuses and another law that lightens the requirements for carrying concealed weapon or renewing a permit. The bills almost all concerned the current concealed weapon laws in the state. Many lawmakers say that the government needs to loosen these laws in order to make others feel safer. The Texas government also petitions for a measure that would declare any federal gun laws null and void in the state.

Unfortunately, this is considered unconstitutional and may not hold up. Other states have also passed nullification laws in anticipation of harsh legislation by the federal government. If you are arrested for a weapons charge in Plano, then you will need a Plano criminal defense attorney on your side. A wise lawyer at the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC can even use developing laws in the state to work towards your freedom in your case. Talk to an attorney at the firm today for more information!