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Addiction and Child Custody

If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, this may affect your ability to act as primary custodian of your kids. When the Texas family courts evaluate divorcing parents for custody, they will often look at histories of addiction and this will play a key role in their decision as to whether or not that parent should have custody. A parent with a criminal history regarding illegal drugs, or with a pattern of painkiller abuse, may not be the court's first choice when it comes to finding a suitable parent to raise the children.

Also, if a parent has had multiple DUIs, or if the parent has a constant struggle with alcoholism, the court may deem this an unhealthy atmosphere for children. In some cases, the court may even disqualify an individual based on smoking. If you want more information about addiction and child custody, then you need to talk to an attorney today. With the right lawyer on your side, you may be able to create an argument as to why you would be a good parent. When deciding child custody, the Texas courts naturally want to please the children and choose a parent that will act in the best interests of the child in the future.

You may be able to arrange a co-parenting agreement, or may be able to achieve visitation if the court foregoes the option to give you full or partial custody of the kids. You can also boost your chances of getting custody by enrolling in an addictions program or a self-help seminar to show that you are working to change your past behavior. Establishing a pattern of repentance for past habits may cause the court to be more open to allowing you to spend time with the children in the future. Contact a Plano family attorney for more information!