CARE Comes to Plano to Combat Drug Abuse

CARE Comes to Plano to Combat Drug Abuse

According to recent reports, the Chemical Awareness Resources and Education recently announced that it is expanding to Collin County so that the charity can provide services to individuals in need in Plano and Frisco. CARE is a charity that has been providing chemical awareness resources and education to individuals all throughout the United States for over 30 years. CARE now hopes to educate those in Plano on the dangers of drug abuse and discourage this dangerous practice.

Many of the workers at CARE zone in on working with adolescents that struggle with substance abuse. Care first offered its New Directions class in Collin County in October. This is a program that is designed for teens who struggle with substance abuse to attend with their parents. Parents and children can learn about the health risks and legal implications associated with underage drinking and drug use and can help people to learn about hot to prevent addiction. The classes will continue to be offered on a regular basis in Plano.

This program can assist individuals who have been charged with drug abuse crimes. Oftentimes the court will respect the fact that a person is repentant if the court can see this in action. Attending a program like CARE may display to the courts that a defendant truly does want to make things right, and this may result in a favorable sentence.

Oftentimes attorneys will suggest that drug crime defendants attend a class on drug abuse voluntarily or check themselves into rehab to prove that they are working towards a better lifestyle. This will prove that the defendant is not a threat to society, and does not necessarily have to be locked away. Talk with a Plano drug defense attorney at the firm today if you want more information about drug abuse and want to learn more about smart moves to help avoid serious sentences.