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Do You Have an Alibi?

An alibi is convincing evidence that you were somewhere other than the scene of a crime at the time that the crime occurred. Alibis are commonly referred to on popular crime-fighting shows on T.V., but they can also be used to help you when you are working through a criminal defense case. Defendants can often offer an alibi defense without having to speak or testify in the court. Instead, they can ask a witness to take the stand in their place and prove that the defendant was at a location other than the scene of the crime.

For example, if a man is charged with theft at a local mall, but his friends can testify that he was at a cookout at a neighbor's home, then the man may be acquitted from the case. Oftentimes, alibi defenses can help the defendant, as the prosecution will then have to navigate the burden of proof associated with this case. For example, if an individual claims that he or she was elsewhere and others can testify, then this can make it very difficult for the prosecution to prove that the defendant is guilty belong a reasonable doubt.

To use an alibi in a court case, a defendant will need to give pre-trial notice of the alibi. This means that the prosecution will need to be aware of the details of the alibi beforehand, in accordance with the discovery rules. With the prosecution also aware of the alibi, the prosecutors can then research on their own to determine whether the alibi is true or false. They may locate their own witnesses and collect their own evidence contrary to that of the defendant if they find this necessary. If you want more information about alibis then contact a lawyer at our Plano criminal defense firm today!