Illegal Possession of Steroids or HGH

Illegal Possession of Steroids or HGH

While they are not drugs, some steroids are also considered to be illegal. For example, it is a crime to take steroids for non-medical needs or for performance-based needs. It is also illegal to take Human Growth Hormone (HGH) for a non-medical purpose. Similar to painkillers, steroids can be legal in some medical situations. It is important to decipher the reason that the defendant was taking the drug. State and federal laws both recognize that anabolic steroids and human growth hormone can be useful in some medical contexts. When prescribed by a licensed doctor, the pills are perfectly legal.

However, when a person obtains the medications illegally, or obtains them for illegal distribution, there are serious punishments. Many times the steroids are sold in pill mills across America. These are locations that provide prescription medications to individuals without a prescription from a doctor. Sometimes pill mills operate in conjunction with doctors that are willing to freely provide prescriptions, essentially operating as undercover drug dealers.

Some individuals can also be charged with illegal use of steroids if they merely used in the wrong context or by the wrong person. For example, if your friend was legally prescribed steroids, but you choose to take them for your own benefit, then you can be arrested for this use. Many of the high-profile steroid cases dealt with today specifically handle athletes taking steroids to enhance their performance chemically.

Those who are caught using steroids can be charged with incarceration, fines, and probation, among other things. If you want more information about steroid use then contact a Texas drug defense lawyer at Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC today! A lawyer at this firm may be able to help you by getting you the representation that you need in court. You may be able to develop a defense proving that you did not knowingly take steroids illegally. Contact the firm today for more information.