Temporary Divorce Orders in Texas

Temporary Divorce Orders in Texas

When a couple is dealing with a divorce, the court may step in and put some temporary orders in place. This is because couples may need some guidance as they work to negotiate for more permanent conditions that will pertain to their post-divorce life.

If a couple has children, then chances are that the children will need to be designated to live with one parent or the other during the couple's period of separation. In most cases, the courts will determine that the parent that remains in the marital home for the process of the divorce takes care of the children. This way, the children don't need to move to a different location while also working to process other change as well.

Temporary orders often designate who will have to move and who can remain in the home, as well as who will have child custody and who will take care of the financial support for all parties involved. Divorces can often be a lengthy process, so it is important to make all of these temporary order arrangements. If they are not made, then there is a possibility that things will fall to ruin when the divorce drags on.

The court can also determine who will be permitted to write checks on the bank accounts that are owned by the married couple during the divorce process. In a lot of cases, individuals are required to undergo mediation prior to any hearing on temporary orders. This way, they will both be on the same page regarding the orders and how they are being handled. If you want more information about temporary orders, or would like to challenge temporary orders that have not been made to your liking, then contact a Plano family attorney today at the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC to take action!