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Three Jailers Charged with Smuggling Narcotics to Inmates
Three Jailers Charged with Smuggling Narcotics to Inmates

Many individuals are arrested on drug charges, and then have to go through the painful process of withdrawals once they are inside their jail cell. Recently, three Nueces County jailers were charged with smuggling synthetic marijuana to inmates at the jail. One sheriff says ...

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Blog posts in October, 2013

  • Child Custody for Halloween

    Halloween is not a full holiday, and children are still required to go to school that day. Yet it is still a special day for children to dress up in ...

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  • Do You Need to Divide your Lottery Winnings During Divorce?

    If you win the lottery while married, and if you live in a shared property state, then chances are that the courts will declare that you winnings are ...

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  • Defenses to Drug Manufacturing Charges

    Drug manufacturing is a serious crime, and Plano residents who are charged with this offense will want to have a dedicated and hardworking Plano ...

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  • Gambling Laws in Texas

    In the great state of Texas, it is illegal to run any type of casino. The penal code also declares that keeping a place of gambling, communicating ...

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  • Shutdown Furloughs Affect SSDI System

    Many SSDI recipients' checks are still going out, but many of the workers who regulate the payments and benefits are staying home as the government ...

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  • Liquid Meth: A Dangerous New Texas Drug

    According to The Observer, a liquid meth is a new trend among teens in Texas that is causing abnormal behavior and addiction. Teachers at Texas City's ...

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  • Social Security Judge Accused of Disability Scheme

    A retired Social Security judge in the state of West Virginia collaborated with a lawyer to improperly award hundreds of applicants undeserved ...

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  • Chinese Luxury Vehicle Smuggling Ring is Discovered in Texas by U.S. Secret Service

    In Plano, Texas, a woman was found to have purchased a Mercedes-Benz valued at $97,285 that ended up being a part of a large-scale luxury car ...

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  • About Trial Separation

    Trial separation is a separation that occurs when you and your spouse both agree that you need a break from your relationship. You may choose to live ...

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