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Child Custody for Halloween

Halloween is not a full holiday, and children are still required to go to school that day. Yet it is still a special day for children to dress up in fun costumes and go trick-or-treating once they are home from school. As a result, both parents may want to partake in this special day with their kids. That can lead to heated discussions about child custody and visitation.

If you run into conflict regarding Halloween and the plans for this day, you may want to talk with a Plano family attorney. This way, you can work through arguments and create a workable solution that allows the children to have an enjoyable Halloween with one or both parents. Contact the Zendeh Del Law Firm to learn more about these options or how an attorney can help you to organize holiday custody schedules. It is important to talk about holiday custody prior to the date of the holiday so that both parents will be aware of the plan for the particular holiday that is approaching. talk to a Plano family lawyer today!