Chinese Luxury Vehicle Smuggling Ring is Discovered in Texas by U.S. Secret Service

Chinese Luxury Vehicle Smuggling Ring is Discovered in Texas by U.S. Secret Service

In Plano, Texas, a woman was found to have purchased a Mercedes-Benz valued at $97,285 that ended up being a part of a large-scale luxury car smuggling ring. This particular vehicle found itself In New York, along with a 2013 Porsche Cayenne, that were about to be shipped off to China to be sold. Among the very wealthy in China, there is a large market for high-end vehicles that are exported over from the U.S. This discovery regarding the smuggling ring was a part of a federal probe, that realized that 24 luxury cars had been successfully exported using deceitful tactics.

This whole business started when a company called Golden Cheng Auto Group, Inc. was created by a man living just outside of Houston, Texas. Together with a partner, these two men received money from Chinese individuals who wanted to purchase these luxury vehicles. Due to the fact that these cars sell for double or triple the price in China, the company owners had straw buyers go purchase the cars with funds from the buyers in China, and then they would sell them at a much higher price once they were smuggled. The major crime that is being investigated is the fact that they provided false documentation to Customs and were money laundering, both of which are federal crimes.

The car dealership in Plano that sold the Mercedes-Benz to the woman, A.F., who was a part of the smuggling ring, is not being charged with any crimes. It does not appear that the dealerships of any of the smuggled cars had any idea what the cars were being used for. You can read more about ths story here on NBC DFW.

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