Liquid Meth: A Dangerous New Texas Drug

Liquid Meth: A Dangerous New Texas Drug

According to The Observer, a liquid meth is a new trend among teens in Texas that is causing abnormal behavior and addiction. Teachers at Texas City's Blocker Middle School noticed some of the girls in a class acting delirious and rushed them to the emergency room before discovering small pieces of paper that were wrapped in tinfoil.

The Galveston County Sheriff's Office inspected the pieces of paper and determined that they were laced with liquid methamphetamine. The girls ingested the meth by placing the pieces of paper on their tongues and letting it dissolve, moving the meth into their bodies.

Smugglers routinely transport meth by dissolving it in a liquid form and then transferring it in bottles of in windshield fluid reservoirs of cars. The girls apparently got a hold of some of the liquid substance and then placed it on the paper. Like any other form of meth, liquid methamphetamine is illegal. Users, dealers, and manufacturers of the drug can be arrested and charged with drug use.

According to The National Drug Intelligence Center, methamphetamine abuse is high in Texas. Agencies report that the level of meth abuse is rising in jurisdictions. Caucasians are most likely to use methamphetamines and 47% of all law enforcement respondents in Texas declare that there are high levels of abuse in their jurisdiction.

Methamphetamine abuse is also common among adolescents in Texas. One report shows that meth abuse accounts for 2.3 percent of the youth drug treatment admissions to programs. The admissions are continuing to rise as more and more teens get ahold of the illegal drug. If you want more information about liquid meth or if you have been arrested for the use of this drug and now want assistance with defense, contact a Texas drug defense attorney at the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC today.