Shutdown Furloughs Affect SSDI System

Shutdown Furloughs Affect SSDI System

Many SSDI recipients' checks are still going out, but many of the workers who regulate the payments and benefits are staying home as the government remains on furlough for the time being. If the federal budget issues aren't resolved soon, there is a risk of additional furloughs. About one dozen states have already furloughed hundreds of employees whose paychecks depend on federal funds.

The layoffs recently affected civilians at National Guard bureaus, and workplace safety inspectors and state workers. Many of these state workers are in charge of determining eligibility for social security benefits. More state employees may be furloughed in the weeks to come. As more and more state workers are furloughed, the impact of the government shutdown on the SSDI beneficiaries may become more intense.

With fewer officials to inspect applicants, fewer applications will get processed, causing a backlog. This may result in extra waiting times for applicants and may result in delayed benefits. In the state of Maine, the entire disability determination office has already been furloughed, meaning that people with disabilities will have to suffer temporary financial hardship in the state.

In Oklahoma, if the disability determination office is shut down it will affect about 18,000 waiting for application approval at present. According to the reports, 56 state workers have been laid off in Maine, 100 have been laid off in Illinois, and 244 have been laid off in Arizona, and 300 in Virginia or 400 in Washington.

If your application is stalled because of the government shutdown, you will want an SSDI on your side at once to help you try and get your application through despite the current stalls. With the right lawyer on your side, you will be able to get assistance with your case. Hire an SSDI lawyer at the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC for more information.