Social Security Judge Accused of Disability Scheme

Social Security Judge Accused of Disability Scheme

A retired Social Security judge in the state of West Virginia collaborated with a lawyer to improperly award hundreds of applicants undeserved disability benefits. According to reports, the judge was accepting bribes to grant SSDI claims despite the fact that the claimants didn't technically qualify. The men involved in the scheme are now being charged for taking advantage of the federal program for their own personal benefit.

Illegal SSDI schemes like this one can often lead to serious mishandlings. The recipients of SSDI will often have their benefits withheld once the scheme is discovered, and they may never qualify for SSDI benefits again. In this case, the judge that was approving claims knew that medical evidence used for the applications was false, but failed to report the lying claimants.

If you have applied for SSDI and been disapproved, don't try using schemes of this nature to get the finances that you need. Instead, hire a reliable SSDI attorney that can help you to work through your case. At the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC, there are SSDI attorneys who can help to work with you and will represent you if you want to appeal a negative SSDI decision.

Nearly 11 million disabled workers, spouses, and children are permitted to receive SSDI benefits. This is a 45% increase in the past decade. In order to qualify, individuals must prove that they have disabilities that prevent them from working and that these disabilities are expected to last at least a year or will eventually result in death. You will need to propose proven medical evidence in order to show that you are eligible for your benefits. It is worth it to invest in a lawyer who can advocate for you because you may be able to receive years of SSDI as a result. Contact the firm today to learn more!