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Three Jailers Charged with Smuggling Narcotics to Inmates

Many individuals are arrested on drug charges, and then have to go through the painful process of withdrawals once they are inside their jail cell. Recently, three Nueces County jailers were charged with smuggling synthetic marijuana to inmates at the jail. One sheriff says that the three individuals resigned after they were accused.

The investigators reviewed surveillance videos and then interviewed deputies to help confirm that the individuals were indeed a part of the drug smuggling operation. The officers that were involved in the drug smuggling operation had no previous record of misconduct and their contraband has not been recovered.

A criminal investigation is continuing but the confessions obtained in the administrative process can't be used against the jailer in their case. If you want more information about this situation then talk to an attorney at the firm right away. With the right Plano criminal defense lawyer on your side you may be able to work through your case in a professional manner and work towards a satisfactory solution.