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Authorities Seek Tougher Penalties for Men Paying Underage Prostitutes
Authorities Seek Tougher Penalties for Men Paying Underage Prostitutes

Throughout the United States, authorities are working to heighten the penalties for men who seek underage prostitutes in order to discourage this illegal practice. While underage prostitution is already punishable by law, some states want to make the penalties even harsher ...

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Blog posts in September, 2013

  • Over 30 Arrested for Prescription Drug Fraud in El Paso

    According to the El Paso Times, over 30 people were recently arrested after being involved in a prescription drug fraud scheme. The El Paso County ...

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  • How Does Alcohol Affect a Driver?

    Drinking alcohol can be deceiving. A driver who feels fine when getting behind the wheel may actually be intoxicated and may experience those symptoms ...

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  • Medical Marijuana Businesses Preparing to Combat Prosecution

    Medical marijuana is legal in most states, yet the businesses that provide this drug say that they are worried federal agents will close them down. ...

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  • Auditors Claim Social Security Overpaid Disability by $1.3 Billion

    The Social Security Administration issued approximately $1.3 billion to recipients throughout the United States payments that may have been faulty. ...

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  • The Four Tiers of Petition for SSDI Benefits

    If your SSDI application isn't accepted right away, then you have the right to appeal. You will need to submit this request in writing within the 60 ...

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  • New Law Adds Salvia Divinorum to Penalty Group 3 of the TCSA

    A new crop of laws were enacted and approved by the Texas government for September, and one of them concerns the drug Salvia divinorum. This narcotic ...

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  • Grounds for Divorce in Texas

    In the state of Texas, there are a variety of reasons that one can file for divorce. The reason for the divorce must be listed on the petition for ...

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  • Drug Dealers Using Pigeons to Deliver Illegal Packages

    According to the New York Daily News, Argentinean dealers were recently arrested for using trained carrier pigeons to deliver packages of marijuana to ...

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  • Six Charged with Felonies in Bank Fraud Case

    According to the Plano Star, six suspects have been charged with felonies in connection with a bank fraud scheme that was operating out of the Eastern ...

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