Auditors Claim Social Security Overpaid Disability by $1.3 Billion

Auditors Claim Social Security Overpaid Disability by $1.3 Billion

The Social Security Administration issued approximately $1.3 billion to recipients throughout the United States payments that may have been faulty. This means that people who held jobs and were making an income were able to convincingly prove to the SSA that they needed disability. A report last week from congressional investigators says that these dishonest applicants have taken more than $1 billion of government funds.

The Government Accountability Office estimates that Social Security may have made improper payments to approximately 36,000 people. An audit shows that the $1.3 billion payout is less than one percent of the total number of disability payments and is only approximately one percent of all recipients. Still, the report shows that the information demonstrates the problems that the SSA has with internal controls.

To earn disability benefits, applicants are required to show that they have not earned more than $1,000 a month for at least five months. This rule proves that their conditions are long-term which is why they deserve to receive disability insurance. Some people have lied about their earnings and claimed that they did not receive more than $1,000 per month when this wasn't entirely true. One of the overpayments that investigators discovered for one person totaled to $74,000.

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