Authorities Seek Tougher Penalties for Men Paying Underage Prostitutes

Authorities Seek Tougher Penalties for Men Paying Underage Prostitutes

Throughout the United States, authorities are working to heighten the penalties for men who seek underage prostitutes in order to discourage this illegal practice. While underage prostitution is already punishable by law, some states want to make the penalties even harsher so that men will be less likely to break the law. In Los Angeles County, California, authorities are petitioning for state lawmakers to toughen their penalties.

A resolution now claims that men who seek and use underage prostitutes will face a felony rather than a misdemeanor and be required to register as a sex offender. Also, the individuals will be required to pay higher fines. Currently adults are only given a slap on the wrist and then sent to a sex offender course to learn how to avoid pedophilia. Many authorities believe that this is not enough punishment for so grave an offense.

In the state of Texas, men who seek underage prostitutes are essentially punished as aggravated sexual assault. The Texas Penal Code mandates that men who commit this crime with a child under fourteen will receive the same consequences ass the rape of an adult involving serious bodily injury or another aggravating circumstance.

Trafficking a child under the age of eighteen for compelling prostitution or sexual performance also carries very hard penalties. Compelling a child to participate in prostitution is a second-degree felony under the Texas Penal Code. Those who participate in any form of prostitution can be charged with solicitation of prostitution which is often a misdemeanor offense.

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