Drug Dealers Using Pigeons to Deliver Illegal Packages

Drug Dealers Using Pigeons to Deliver Illegal Packages

According to the New York Daily News, Argentinean dealers were recently arrested for using trained carrier pigeons to deliver packages of marijuana to paying customers. Three men were attaching 13-gram packs of marijuana to the lefts of the birds, and the birds would then take the marijuana to the customers who would wait in discreet locations. The pigeons were capable of making up to 20 trips around the city per day.

According to the New York Daily News, officials in Argentina learned about the illegal situation when they noticed a lost white dove lying around with a small package tied to its leg. They discovered that the package was marijuana, and then followed the bird back to its home, where the drug dealers were located. The marijuana dealers were arrested promptly after. The distance between the two buildings was short, so the birds could transport substantial amounts of marijuana every day.

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