How Does Alcohol Affect a Driver?

How Does Alcohol Affect a Driver?

Drinking alcohol can be deceiving. A driver who feels fine when getting behind the wheel may actually be intoxicated and may experience those symptoms when the car is already moving. According to an infographic recently posted by the Plano Texas Police Department, alcohol acts somewhat like an anesthetic to the brain. It will dull these areas so that the drinker cannot make sensible decisions. This will result in poor judgment.

Drinking slows reflexes drastically and also hinders a person's coordination. The driver will no longer be able to steer and stop at times when he or she may desire to, or may not notice a sudden braking ahead or a car crash that just occurred. Also, drinking can cause drowsiness, increasing chances for a traffic crash.

Drowsy drivers could even fall asleep at the wheel, letting the car run down the highway while they are unconscious. This can result in serious accidents. Also, alcohol can cause double or multiple vision and reduce side vision. This means that a driver may see duplicates of vehicles up above, and may not notice any cars travelling on the side of the vehicle.

All of these symptoms of intoxication can cause a driver to violate traffic laws such as traffic signals, or can cause a driver to swerve about on the highway. This can be an indication that the driver is violating the law, and police tend to perform traffic stops. If you have been arrested for a DWI offense, then you will want a Plano criminal defense attorney there to help you with your case.You deserve a hardworking and caring attorney to assist you, so don't hesitate to call the firm today for more information! A Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC lawyer will review your case evaluation and assist you with your defense.