Over 30 Arrested for Prescription Drug Fraud in El Paso

Over 30 Arrested for Prescription Drug Fraud in El Paso

According to the El Paso Times, over 30 people were recently arrested after being involved in a prescription drug fraud scheme. The El Paso County residents face state charges in connection with their crime. Officials say that 33 people were taken into custody as a result of the prescription drug issue and some of the suspects were also charged with engaging in organized criminal activity.

Officials say that the discovered more than 300 prescriptions and 32,000 pills involved in the investigation. Those arrested range in age from 21 to 68-years-old. The regional commander for the Texas Department of Public Safety told news sources that prescription drug abuse is very dangerous and is a far-reaching problem in the state of Texas. Statistics show that about 7 million Americans report abusing prescription medications at some point in the recent past.

This past week those arrested were abusing oxycodone, hydrocodone, and alprazolam. These medications are often referred to by the brand names Vicodin, Perocet and Xanax. All of the drugs are powerful painkillers that are often used for patients post-surgery. When consumed for no specific reason, they can still produce a "high" that will last several hours. Some drug addicts will take these pills as a way to escape reality.

The prescriptions are only given to those who need them, so addicts often have to make fake prescriptions, file stolen prescriptions, alter prescriptions, or doctor shop. This involves making appointments with various doctors so that an addict can continue receiving prescriptions for medications and feigning illness without being discovered. If you have been arrested for prescription drug fraud, you will want a Texas drug defense lawyer on your side promptly for more information. Hire the firm right away to get started on your case!