New Test Detects Synthetic Marijuana

New Test Detects Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic marijuana products can act like poison and can severely injury individuals that use these materials. According to KIII News, the drug goes by many names including K-2, Spice, and Kush. Synthetic marijuana is considered to be illegal, but until recently it was hard to detect in a person's system. The advent of a new urine testing system could be a large step forward for law enforcement officers hoping to get synthetic marijuana off the streets. Many people who are on probation use synthetic marijuana as an alternative to the natural cannabis because it is harder to detect. This allows probationers to get the drug fix that they need without being penalized and sent back to jail.

The new test involves the use of a small, plastic credit-card sized drug test called a litmus test. The drug test is manufactured by a company called Smartox and is termed a "dip drug test." All an officer has to do is dip the strips from the test into the suspects' urine sample for 15 seconds. About five minutes later, the Smartox test will show the results, evidencing whether or not the individual has been using synthetic drugs.

The Smartox test doesn't just test for synthetic marijuana, it can also detect methamphetamine, PCP, cocaine, heroin and cannabis. The law enforcement may be able to utilize these easy and quick tests in a variety of different forums in order to catch offenders. Probation officers say that the tests will be especially helpful for juveniles who seem to be acting erratically at school. Officers can come and test the child, then determine whether or not he or she has been using drugs.

The test is color coded, so that certain colors evidence the presence of various drugs. These Smartox drug tests are being implemented throughout Texas. If you want to learn more about the drug tests, or if you have been accused of drug use with the use of one of these tests and want to challenge these allegations, contact a Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC attorney today. A Plano drug defense attorney can help you to fight your charges!