Plano Police Apprehend Suspect Wanted for Attempted Murder

Plano Police Apprehend Suspect Wanted for Attempted Murder

A man from Plano was recently arrested after police deduced that he may be responsible for an attempted murder in the community. The Plano police officers responded to Eastside Village Apartments to assist the U.S. Marshals Service in attempting to serve a felony warrant for the suspect's arrest. The man, D.S., is a 23-year-old that is from Louisiana. The U.S. Marshals were in the process of securing their warrant when D.S. fled on foot to avoid arrest.

Plano police gathered a variety of different troops to help with the chase. The Plano police canine and a Department of Public Safety helicopter combed the area looking for the man. They were unable to locate him using the troops that they had enlisted. The suspect is described as a six foot tall and 220 pound man with brown eyes and black hair. He has several tattoos. The police are not certain that the suspect is still in Plano, as he is now a fugitive, running from the law enforcement. Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of the suspect is asked to contact the Plano Police Department.

It is essential that law enforcement secure warrants for arrest prior to simply arresting a suspicious looking individual. If you have been arrested and the police did not have just cause or a warrant, then you can challenge this matter in court. A skilled Plano criminal defense attorney may be able to help you with this case.

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