Rio Grande Poses as Marijuana Entryway in U.S.

Rio Grande Poses as Marijuana Entryway in U.S.

According to the Latin Post, federal law enforcement agencies are working to reduce the amount of marijuana that is smuggled into the county through the U.S.- Mexico border. The Rio Grande currently poses the biggest challenge in this effort. Law enforcement officers suspect that for every shipment that they intercept on the river, 10 more get through the winding Rio Grande Valley and make their way into Texas. Border Patrol reports that they si3ezed 797,000 pounds of marijuana in the Rio Grande Valley last year and the Tucson sector was able to confiscate 1.2 million pounds.

The drug cartels are slowly making the Rio Grande the busiest passageway for drug smuggling. After years of research and training, the members of the cartels have gotten exceptionally good at studying law enforcement operations and patterns. The cartels understand the Border Patrol's tactics and have invented new routes or create theories in order to avoid being caught.

Law enforcement say that many of the cartels take advantage of school traffic because they know that the police won't initiate a stop when there are children around. This is because almost all drug smuggling cases involving Border Patrol agents and the seizure of marijuana results in the use of force. Individuals will use firearms, physical force, less-lethal weapons and vehicle stopping devices.

They won't put students in danger by engaging in combat near a school bus, which is why the cartels can use this tactic to their advantage. If you want more information about drug smuggling, or if you have been arrested for a crime affiliated with marijuana, don't hesitate to contact the team at the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC right away. With the right attorney on your side, you may be able to fight your charges and avoid serious penalties!