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Three Teens Overdose on Synthetic Drugs

Three teenagers in McKinney were hospitalized this weekend after they overdosed on a drug that is similar to LSD. According to police, the teenagers were McKinney ISD students. Two of them were male and one of them is a female. Police would not give the students' names or ages, because they are juveniles, but admitted that all of the students are under the age of 17.

The police say that each teen ingested a synthetic drug that is relatively new on the market. The drug is called N-Bomb or 25I. It has properties similar to the hallucinogenic LSD and can be taking as a liquid, powder or tab. Some teens have taken the drug on top of Sweet-Tart candies. The side effects of this dangerous drug include aggression, agitation, hallucinations, and seizures.

The police have concluded that this is a very dangerous drug and should be treated as such. Police will investigate the situation after the teens recover from their overdoses. If you have been caught with a synthetic drug, you can be severely penalized. Don't hesitate to contact a Texas drug defense attorney the firm today if you want more information about how to fight your drug charges.