Why Couples Choose Collaborative Divorce

Why Couples Choose Collaborative Divorce

Texas couples have options when the approach divorce. They can either opt to choose a collaborative divorce, or they can seek a more contentious divorce in the courts. When couples are able to get along and have conversations with one another without bickering, collaborative divorce is highly recommended.

The process of collaborative divorce makes ex-spouses teammates, rather than opponents. By working together, they can seek the best interests of their children and divide their property in a way that is satisfactory for both parties, without having to battle before a judge.

According to KERA News, traditional divorces (contentious divorces) can bring out the worst in both parties. Litigious divorces often bring tensions to a boiling high, and can make even the most basic decisions turn into an all-out court battle. Also, when parents are absorbed in splitting up property and coping with the divorce, the children can suffer.

A collaborative divorce is much more kid-friendly. Emotions can run high during the divorce process, and a collaborative divorce can help couples to get the support they need to make wise decisions. If you are considering divorce, talk with a Plano divorce attorney about how a collaborative approach can best help you today!