Lien Put on Home of Deion Sanders

Lien Put on Home of Deion Sanders

Due to outstanding debt left as part of settlement between former football player Deion Sanders and his ex-wife Pilar, Sanders may lose his mansion in Texas.

Sanders' divorce included a provision to pay the legal fees of his ex-wife. Her attorney claims that Sanders is not paying the $275,000 that is owed. The couple divorced last June.

Divorce Decree

As part of signing a divorce decree, both parties are required to follow all conditions noted in the decree. It is a legally binding document.

Documentation has been provided that shows the attorney had made attempts to obtain the owed wages, and Sanders had been noncompliant with the order.

A lien has been filed in Collin County on Sander's mansion in Prosper, Texas. A lien is a legal action taken by a creditor that secures possession of a property until a debt has been paid off. If Sanders does not pay the legal fee of the attorney, the property could be sold as payment.

Both Sanders and his ex-wife still currently live at the property with their children. Sanders refuses to leave the property due to its spacious arrangements and because it is a haven for the former couple's children.

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