Marijuana Grow Operations Found in Polk County

Marijuana Grow Operations Found in Polk County

Police in Texas have discovered large marijuana growing operations in Polk County, Texas for the second time in two weeks. The most recent discovery is a two-person operation covering five fields that span over 21 acres. In July, police discovered a marijuana farm worth $175 million.

Farm Worth $11 Million

The recently discovered farm is worth around $11 million. There were approximately 6,545 marijuana plants found on the property with some around ten feet tall. It was outfitted with underground generators and a water well. This operation was located around 10 miles away from the farm discovered in July. Police began an investigation after a generator was found buried in an underground bunker.

A campground was also discovered set up at the site, but there were no individuals present at the time. No arrests have been made in association with this marijuana operation.

Officials are currently following a few leads regarding local farms in the area that may have been aware of the marijuana growing operations. The operation was discovered after a few landowners became suspicious once the larger bust became public. Officials are on the lookout for other marijuana growing operations that have not been discovered.

Another Polk County Bust

On July 26, the larger marijuana farm was discovered when a deer hunter stumbled across the farm. Located about 70 miles north of Houston, over 100,000 plants were found at this farm. The July bust was one of the largest marijuana grow operations in Texas history.

Underground power generators and an advanced irrigation system were in place at this operation. Water wells and irrigation systems remove the need for operations to be close to natural bodies of water, which are usually examined by officials.

Marijuana growing operations are punishable under Texas law. If you or a loved one have been convicted in connection with a growing operation, you need a powerful drug crimes attorney by your side. Call the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC to connect with an attorney to review your case!