North Dallas Shooter Charged with Aggravated Assault

North Dallas Shooter Charged with Aggravated Assault

A 60 year old man was arrested in far North Dallas on Tuesday, August 12th. The suspect had been accused of shooting at firefighters and police officers responding to the scene and placing explosives outside of a home in Dallas. He will be charged with seven counts of aggravated assault on a public servant.

Shooter Harms None

Firefighters were called to a dumpster fire on Monday afternoon, and when they arrived at the scene, were shot at by an unseen assailant. Firefighters reported 15 rounds were shot, and two struck the fire engine. No firefighters were harmed in the shooting.

Police units were dispatched to the same scene after being called by firefighters. Officers were fired at by a man with a rifle as they approached the site. The man shot at the officers again after tactical approaches were attempted.

The gunman had threatened a young child and a babysitter before firing on the firefighters and police officers. The child and babysitter took refuge in a house that was later found surrounded by propane tanks and liquid-filled jars. Explosive Ordinance Disposal was called in to detonate the devices found at the scene.

Dallas SWAT teams and other tactical officers searched for the suspect for 90 minutes before his capture. He was described as a male suspect wearing a blue shirt and a white covering on his head.