SSI Disability Income Limits: What Is Considered Income?

SSI Disability Income Limits: What Is Considered Income?

For 2014, the federal benefit rate (FBR) is $721 a month for an individual, and $1,082 for a couple. This FBR describes the maximum benefit payment, as well as the income limit for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). In order to collect these disability benefits, one must be under these limits. But what counts as income?

How the Social Security Administration (SSA) Calculates Income

A certain percentage of your monthly wages would count toward the SSI income limit. Beyond this, the SSA would also factor in:

  • Unearned income, such as alimony and child support, a pension, veterans benefits, and Social Security
  • Earned income from other members of your household (such as a spouse's wages)
  • Free food and shelter*

*If these are not coming from the government, then the SSA could include the amount you are saving on rent and meals. This could look like staying with a friend or family member who doesn't charge you rent. This is known as "in-kind" income.

What Does Not Get Counted as Income by the SSA

If you are working, only a portion of your paycheck counts toward the income limit. In fact, you could make as much as $1,500 a month and still qualify. And if you are on the Plan to Achieve Self Support (PASS), you can save up without having your savings count against you.

Some other sources of income that do NOT count for the SSI income limit include:

  • $20 a month of unearned income
  • $65 a month of earned income, plus one-half of earned income
  • Any earned income that pays for impairment-related work expenses (IRWE) for people with disability or blindness
  • Medical treatment
  • Food stamps

Talk to a Plano Social Security disability lawyer!

Basically, the income limit only applies to funds that can go toward food, clothes, and shelter. So if someone pays for your dentist or doctor visit, this won't count toward the SSI income limit. Other benefits and income will not count toward this limit either, so do not hesitate to talk to a Dallas Social Security disability lawyer about your situation today!

If you have any questions about qualifying or applying for Supplemental Security Income, do not hesitate to ask for your free case review from a Dallas Social Security disability attorney from the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC.