Teen Faces Murder Charges after Strangling a Schoolmate

Teen Faces Murder Charges after Strangling a Schoolmate

A Wylie teenager is being accused of murder—an act which he believes he performed as a way to protect the victim's girlfriend. The teen felt as if the girlfriend was being harmed by her boyfriend. It is still being determined whether he will be tried as an adult or if he will face charges at the juvenile level.

The teen is one of two being accused of strangling their 17 year old schoolmate in a dispute over the girl that occurred on March 8. After the schoolmate was killed, the two teens dumped his body in Garland. Since the boys are juveniles, their names are not being released.

Allegedly, the teen was being threatened by the victim for his interest in the girlfriend, and one witness claims that he had broken up a confrontation between the two earlier on in the day. The suspect was fond of a series of books about an avenging hero, and is also a fan of the TV show Dexter, which is about a man who kills criminals that have escaped the criminal justice system. The teen's psychologist, who was hired by the defense, claims that the victim was avenging and protecting a girl that he cared about from someone who did not care about her.

A series of witnesses described the victim as quiet, polite and respectful. He was well-behaved, got average grades, and did not have a history of behavior problems. The psychologist reported that the teen was depressed, angry, and holds grudges. However, he wants to make people happy and is unlikely to commit violent acts in the future. If the victim is tried and convicted as an adult, he could be facing up to life in prison for first-degree murder.

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