Texas Lawyer Faces Disbarment over Drug Charge

Texas Lawyer Faces Disbarment over Drug Charge

In March, a South Texas attorney and 18 others were sentenced to federal prison in connection with a drug trafficking conspiracy. In 2012 and 2013, over 27,000 pounds of marijuana were transported by this group on behalf of the Delfino Bazan Drug Trafficking Organization.

Operation Casanova Reveals Marijuana Trafficking

The leader, Bazan would receive shipments to sell around Houston. It is estimated that Bazan would receive over 2000 pounds of marijuana a month in the spring of 2012. All those convicted were caught in the summer of 2013 after "Operation Cassanova" was launched. "Operation Casanova" stemmed from an auto chase that recovered 1,272 pounds of marijuana intended to distribute.

The attorney involved was convicted of possession with intent to distribute 200 pounds of marijuana. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison. He entered a plea agreement to plead guilty to the charge of possessing with intent to distribute.

The Commission for Lawyer Discipline requested that the Board of Disciplinary Appeals work to disbar the convicted attorney. Disbarment means that the lawyer loses their professional license. A felony conviction will often cause a lawyer to become disbarred.

At a hearing in July, representation on behalf of the attorney failed to appear in front of the Board and the attorney was subsequently disbarred from practicing law in Texas.