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Texas Mother Murders her Four Year Old Daughter

A Texas mother is facing murder charges after badly beating and killing her four year old daughter. The night before, the woman (here referred to as S.M.P.) was told by her husband that their marriage was over. According to the husband, G.W., and people who were close to the family, S.M.P. had always been jealous of the little girl. When G.W. awoke on Monday morning, he noticed that his wife and daughter were gone. G.W. did not think much of it, however; he just assumed that the two had gone to sign the little girl up for prekindergarten school.

Just before 9 am on Monday, July 21, the woman walked into the Athens police department and told the officers that she had murdered her daughter. When the little girl's body was recovered, she was found wrapped in a garbage bag in the trunk of the car, with severe head and chest trauma. Investigators believe that the mother drove to a bridge that was approximately five miles away, murdered her daughter, drove the car back home, and then walked to the police station. The woman is currently being held in jail in place of a $2 million bond.

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